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This is a case study of our brand's social media strategy. Dynamic Rush is a branding agency working globally from Mumbai, India. 


After designing for brands across the world, it was time for us to truly expand & build an audience through social media channels. Eventually attract the right clients & partnerships for our agency.  


We devised an internal social media strategy, a content plan, and channels for distribution. 


Target Audience.

Small business owners & startup founders.

Content Plan.

We decided to work on the 80/20 rule for our content. This means giving away practical strategies, helpful resources, and templates for 8/10 posts and promoting our interests in 2/10 posts. The content is focused on small businesses & startups & keeps them engaged + associated with our brand. 


LinkedIn and Instagram.


Instagram: Gained 1400 followers and 4 clients in 3 months.

LinkedIn: Engaged existing connections & landed a client within 3 months. 

Content Design.

To showcase our "dynamic" creative expertise, we didn't go with a templated and consistent content design but rather chose to stay unpredictable with every post. Hence, the high variation in design.